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No More
August 25, 2010, 5:38 am
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I haven’t updated this blog since last November, that’s a really long time. Well this will be my last ever post. Last March Snowy was sold at a Hunter and Sport Horse auction in Virginia. I will never see her again. That was that saddest day in my life. Snowy was extremely special to me, and now she’s out of my life forever. That is all.

In her stall at the auction =[

Snowy I will forever miss you and love you. Its just not the same without you.


Back in Business!
November 11, 2009, 2:34 am
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Wow, I haven’t updated my blog since the summer! Well that is all about to change. So much has happened since then. Since June I have shown Snowy and the SC 4-H State Show, that did not go as planned =[ Then we went to 4-H Camp in July, she did amazingggg! Then in July I went to the 4-H Southern Regionals for Horse Judging. Our team got and 8th in Halter Placings, 9th in Oral Reasons, 1st in Performance Placings, and 6th Team Overall. I got a 2nd in Individual Performance Placings! Then we didn’t do anything until October where we showed at the State Fair, we got a 4th in Children’s Hunter Equitation, and call backs in all of our flat classes. It was a huge show! Most of the flat classes had about 40 people in it, and the over fences classes were huge as well.  Just recently I attended the 2009 4-H Eastern National Round-Up. Our State competed in Hippology, Horse Bowl, and Horse Judging just like at Regionals. Our judging team got 8th in Halter Placings, 4th in Performance Placings, 8th in Oral Reasons, and 5th team overall! Out of 23 states! I got 9th Overall Individual!! So the trip was so worth it. Plus, while in Lexington we visited the Kentucky Horse Park (where I will hopefully be returning to next year for WEG!). It was so awesome, and huge huge huge! Then we went to Louisville were our competition was held. We got to go to Churchill Downs and watch the races super up close. I just want to say that I had the most amazing coach, Dr. Vernon of Clemson University, as well as the best judging team ever!! I have videos on youtube from all of these events, you should go watch them! (:

Farewell until next time!


The Weekend
June 9, 2009, 4:42 am
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Well this past Saturday Snowy and I showed. Earlier in the week she had gotten her feet trimmed and the farrier cut her too short! I wasn’t able to ride her that week because she was sore. Luckily she was better by Saturday and we could show. Her braids turned out really nicely too (accept for the top three ones.) The show went pretty good, although I’m pretty sure I was judged unfairly in a class or two.  In my flat class, a tossed head put me out of the ribbons when there were several horses that broke gait and they placed ahead of me. I was kind of like, umm what? I didn’t see how that made any sense. The judge told me I was in the top three in the class, but my horse tossed her head in the corner. Still didn’t understand how a break of gait could pin higher then a tossed head, Snowy packed around the arena a lot better than some of the ones that pinned. But that’s alright, you win some, you lose some. Its not about winning, its about what you learned from the whole experience!


Snowy did pretty good at the show, although she was really lazy in the morning. Towards the end of the day she had a lot more energy which confused me. I would have thought she would be more tired, she is weird sometimes =]. It was perfect weather on Saturday! It was overcast all day and it didn’t even rain, so it was the perfect temperature in June! I got new half chaps on Saturday! I’m really excited because my old ones are crap! The pair I got is a pair of Smooth leather Ovations. I got them used for $10! They are so nice and fit really well! I was kind of weary at first since my mom, a non horsey person, bought them. I didn’t know if they would be good since my previous Ovations sucked. But I decided for $1o I might as well see if they work. They ended up being perfect, I love them.

snowy 4

Then on Sunday Snowy and I schooled at home on the flat. Today I rode Snowy and she did really good. We had a nice long workout and she got hot and sweaty. I’m trying to focus more on our canter since it is a lot less organized than the trot. Today we also schooled over a 3’6″ oxer :D. The first time she did not have enough impulsion throught the line. My trainer made sure next time that I pushed her out and made her go, it made for a much better ride. I am now trying to start working on my automatic release, its about time! Its just a work in progress though because I just started practicing it.


I’m very excited about the State 4-H Show. It is in about two weeks. I really think we can qualify for reginonals, in fact I know we will! Snowy and I have improved sooo much since last year. It has been my goal this year to qualify for regionals which are going to be in Arkansas! We leave on June 22 for the State Show. I will also be doing horse judging. I was number one last year for overall placings and oral reasons, so lets hope I can hold on to that title! At state I’m going to show in Hunter Showmanship, Haler Mares, Senior Working Hunter, Senior Equitation Over Fences, Jumpers, Hunter Under Saddle, and Hunt Seat Equitation. With that said I will leave you guys with a few pictures, I probably won’t post until I get back from State 4-H Show!


Summer Time!
June 3, 2009, 1:23 am
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What have Snowy and I been up to latley you ask? We are getting ready for the State 4-H Show at the end of June!! I know this year we are going to kick some major butt!! We are even going to do jumpers for the first time!! The last several rides we’ve mainly done flat work, although we did jump some. Snowy is becoming a lot better at her counter canter which I am very proud of her for.  This Saturday we are going to show at a local show. My trainer is calling it a “dress rehearsal” so to speak, just to make sure we are fully prepared for State! I will have more pictures by the end of this week from the show. School is out! Wohoo, summer is definitely going to be busy. I will be at the barn everyday during the week, and then babysitting in the afternoons. ‘Til next time =]


2009 USC Clinic
May 6, 2009, 3:35 am
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Snowy and I went to the USC Equestrian Clinic last Saturday for the second time. This year it was a two day clinic, but we only stayed for the one day clinic. We left our barn around 7:15. From what I can remember from last year, it was a pretty straight forward drive. We ended up getting lost, but it didn’t set us back by too much. We found it and arrived at like 8:45. It said registration was starting at 8:30, so we didn’t miss anything.


Of all the barns I have ever visited, USC’s One Wood Farm is the by far my favorite! It is gorgeous! Once we got there, I unloaded Snowy and put her in one of the stalls. My first riding session was at 9:30 so I got Snowy all settled in and began brushing her off and tacking her up. She was very pleasant and gave me no trouble. She wasn’t even as noisy as she usually is in a new place.


Our first riding session was just flatwork. There were four girls in the group with me. One of the girls happened to go to the same barn as my best friend! We warmed up at the walk, and the coach stressed that many people over look and underestimate the walk, which is true. Then we went into trot work. We did a lot of sitting trot. Snowy has a very big trot, so it was bouncy :). Then she would have us find an empty area of the arena and circle working on correctly getting our horses to bend. After, we asked our horses to counter bend. Snowy seemed to do that fairly well.


The coach commented on how so many people liked the trot better, therefore they would focus mainly on that, and not work as hard at the canter. This was true as our canters were definitely not as organized as when we were trotting. I have a tendency to not have a lot of contact with Snowy’s mouth, and the coach corrected me (which helped out a lot in our jumping portion). One of the exercises we did in the canter was work on our horse’s adjustablity. This was a very good exercise for Snowy and I. We have problems getting distances some of the time, and this is definitely going to help. Towards the end of our flat session, the coach had me raise my stirrups a hole. It made such a difference! My legs instantly felt stronger, therefore improving my equitation. We worked over two poles that were an average six strides. Snowy and I got the six strides easily. Then the coach has us shorten our strides to fit seven. This was more challenging for us, since our canter isn’t as organized as it should be. As I cantered up to the poles, I had Snowy in a nice collected cantered. I could feel everything going well, and I was sure we were going to get the seven. Right on the sixth stride she broke to the trot! The coach said I needed to find a happy medium between my hands and legs. We attempted it again, and this time it was a success. Snowy felt so nice and collected and at the same time forward. That was the last exercise we did before our flat session was done.


I had just gotten my new half pad in, which I was very excited about it. I used it at the clinic and it worked really well, Snowy didn’t sweat as much as I thought she would, and we worked hard! After I got her settled, I went to watch the other group ride. Then after they got finished we went to get lunch. We had Groucho’s Deli, yumm! This is when the coaches from the team talked to us about their team, how to apply, and what their looking for. They gave us some helpful tips on what they do and don’t want to see in the video applications. They also explained a lot of the NCAA rules, since there seems to be a lot of those.


Our group was the first group, so right after the lunch and discussion, we went to tack up. In my jumping session there was only three girls. When we went into the ring we picked back up on a few of the things we did earlier in the day. Then we did no stirrups, my WORST enemy! I was dreading it all day, but I did survive without making complete fool out of myself. We warmed up over a small crossrail before moving on to anything bigger. After doing so a few times, the coach said that she could see Snowy likes the bigger jumps. We worked on some lines and small courses after that. We threw in some equitation turns too!  Snowy did awesome!! She is the most amazing horse in the world. She wasn’t bothered by anything, and acted like a total angel, doing everything I asked of her. The last course we did was really neat. We had two really tight rollbacks, and Snowy and I handled those really nicely. I’m definitely doing the Jumpers at State 4-H this year.

usc-clinic-060I had sooooo much fun at the clinic. I am going to use everything she taught me when ride (yes even more no stirrups). With all of the things I learned that day, we are definitley going to kick some major butt at State 4-H this year! The coach remembered us from last year and said that Snowy had improved a lot.  I may not do the Maclay, go to Devon, Harrisburg, or Upperville (although I would kill to show at any one of them), but I would LOVE to ride for their team. I’m so glad I went, I would go again in a heartbeat.


I got lots of good pictures and videos, so enjoy =]

Spring Break!
April 18, 2009, 1:19 am
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This week our school was on spring break. The weather has been getting really nice so I was excited. Since I was on break I decided to go visit one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in a while. She lives about a half an hour away and also rides. On Tuesday we were supposed to drive down to the beach, but the weather called for rain. It ended up being an awesome day so we went to the lake instead. The water was freezing, but it was still fun. It stormed pretty badly towards the end of the day though, but it didn’t last too long.

Yesterday we went to her barn since it was her normal lesson day, and I got to ride as well. I have ridden there once before last July. I rode an Appy named Pip, who was still a bit green. He was the complete opposite of Snowy! We worked mostly in the trot trying to get him to relax. I have never used the half halt more in one ride! At one point I came into the middle of the arena and worked him on circles. It took a while, but he finally began relaxing, giving us a nice hunter frame.

After working on the flat, the group began single fences. I popped over a cross rail first and then worked over some of the gates. Because Pip was still a bit green and still tense the trainer had me ride into the fences at a trot and then bring him back down to a trot after them. He did very good over all the fences. Then after going over single fences we did some lines. Finally we put it all together to make a course. I had a lot of fun at the lesson! I found out that I definitely need to hit gym though!! I’m out of shape. Pilates here I come!

Today we went to the Tack Room because my friend and I were both in need of half pads. I decided on the Roma Merino Sheepskin half pad because it is really nice and affordable. Sadly they didn’t have the Roma ones, so I’m going to have to order it. I ended up getting a few other things that I needed instead. Overall I had an awesome spring break and am dreading the Monday back to school!

This is a video of the course we rode. Watch it in HQ, it looks a ton better!

It’s Easy Being Green!
April 10, 2009, 5:02 am
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Last Sunday I wormed Snowy with Zimectrin Gold because she was due for wormer. Right after I wormed her she had an allergic reaction to it. Her lip got really swollen and puffy in the exact area that I wormed her at. It was so strange. My trainer called the vet, and then vet said not to use Zimectrin Gold anymore because a lot of horses at the barn have been having these same kind of reacions. I thought it was really weird because none of the other horses have ever had a problem with it, and I’m sure Snowy has used it before during the wormer rotation. I definitely won’t use that kind again though.

I just got back from a three day long trip to Seabrook Island with my school. We went to St. Christopher’s. It was like an environmental camp. We learned all about the importance of being going green. It was fun! I got to hold a snake and pet an alligator. We went seining and caught some silver fish, anchovies, and a crab. It was so freezing and the wind was blowing extremely hard, but I still got in the water. Later that day we learned about the different eco systems at St. Christopher’s. We went on a mud trail that led to a very muddy mud pit. It was so deep, thick, and muddy, but it was super fun. I got so dirty, but it was worth it. After we went into the mud pit we ran into the esturary to wash off. I had so much fun there.

But back to something more remotley about horses. I was worried about Snowy’s lip while I was on the trip, but when I went to see her she was fine. Compared to the freezing weather at St. Chistopher’s, the weather was so lovely outside I couln’t resist a ride. I didn’t jump today, but rather worked on the flat.

We warmed up longer than usual at the walk because we went directly into the canter. I was trying to switch things up to keep it interesting for Snowy. We worked on circles and the like while cantering. I asked for the counter canter, and the first time I asked she picked it up and staying on it until I asked her for the change, I was so proud. After cantering I went to the trot and worked one side and then the other. Snowy and I are also practicing our turn on the forehands and turn on the haunches. There is more then likely going to be a turn on the forehand in our equitation pattern at the 4-H State Show, so we are trying to hoan our skills at it. This year I’m going to do halter and showmanship as well as the hunter, equitation, and flat classes at the 4-H State Show.


Towards the end of the ride I did some no hands riding. Snowy is very good about turing and stopping with just my leg and seat, and she didn’t dissapoint me today. We even got a flying lead change while riding with no hands. Despite how lazy she is, she is very sensative and responsive, I ride her with mostly leg and seat anyway because she doesn’t need a constrictive hold on her reins.


After I had finished riding, my friend and I decided to ride the horses down the road to the local feed store to buy some bags of horse treats. It is just a few houses down from the barn, and they sell these big ziploc bags of horse treats for just a dollar, so I like to stock up! When we got there the lady was just closing up the shop. We’ll have to ride down there in the next few days and get some.  Here are some videos of my ride today.