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February 24, 2009, 8:46 pm
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I haven’t updated in a while, simply because nothing too exciting has been happening. Snowy and me have basically been working on a lot of flat work. I can tell that it’s helping. She’s been more responsive and I can feel a big difference compared to a month ago. Snowy is still really fuzzy because it has been pretty cold, but she is starting to shed some of her winter coat. We jumped last Friday and had a really good first course, but the one course I got on video ended up not being our best one.  Hopefully in May we’ll go to one of the PSJ local series shows and also ride in the USC clinic if they put it on again. Last year the clinic was really good, so hopefully they have it this year again. Here are some pictures from some of our latest rides.





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Snowy is looking so amazing! You’ve done so much work and I think it’s paid off big time. You should do a before and after post about her, when you first started riding compared to how she looks now. BIG difference! Also, you should keep updating, even just about your rides and lessons. Make it about her journey, not just about horse showing. Even i it doesn’t sound too interesting, you can look back at it in a year or two and see how much of an improvement you two have made. =] Hope I didn’t sound too pushy…but what are friends for if not to tell each other what to do? hehe

Comment by theroanypony

You are soooo right. Although when I first started riding her two years ago I had a lot of pictures and videos, but they were on my old camera and once my mom’s computer was fixed after it crashed I had to delete all of my pictures and videos of her. I really regret that now. I should have saved them on my thumbdrive. But I will definitely be updating it more often

Comment by palmettosnowshoes

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