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Counter Canter
March 6, 2009, 3:09 am
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Yesterday I decided to focus on getting a proper counter canter. I thought Snowy was going to throw a fit, since it took so long for her to learn flying changes, but I was mistaken. Snowy did so well, we had some rough patches, but overall she really tired and did succeed!


I started out warming up at the walk, trot, and canter. We did some serpentines, circles, and changes of direction. It was so funny because where I was schooling we had Holly the donkey turned out and she decided she wanted to ride with us. She even did the serpentines with me and Snowy! It was too cute.  After Snowy was warmed up on the correct lead, I asked for the counter canter. She did so well. I could tell she was like, “Um hello crazy person on my back, I liked that other lead!” She switched it back a few times, but as we progressed, she began better understanding what I was asking of her. I was so proud of her!


I can tell that there has been such a big improvement in both of us. Soon I’ll do a before and after post from when I first starting riding her, up until now. There has been a big difference!


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