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Slight Hiatus
March 25, 2009, 2:48 am
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Snowy has been out of work for about three weeks. Early this month, I went to get Snowy up for a ride when I realized that her neck was really swollen. Also around that same area, she had a nasty bite mark. I was concerned because the bite was a pretty deep puncture, and it was not really in a good area. The vet came out and had to open the wound and drain it. The swelling had gone done by this time. I came out later that day to see what the vet had done, and the puncture looked was really deep.

She has been getting ten antibiotic pills twice a day,  her puncture is cleaned out with a speical betadine mixture the vet gave us, and is covered with an antibiotic cream. She has been healing really well, the puncture has closed up completely after just a couple of weeks.  I rode her last Friday, and she had soooo much energy, unusual because she is generally a big lazy girl. She did really good, I guess she got bored from being idle in the pasture for too long. The vet came out again today for a check up and said she was healing nicely and that she was fine, so its back to work for Snowy 😀


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