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Spring Break!
April 18, 2009, 1:19 am
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This week our school was on spring break. The weather has been getting really nice so I was excited. Since I was on break I decided to go visit one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in a while. She lives about a half an hour away and also rides. On Tuesday we were supposed to drive down to the beach, but the weather called for rain. It ended up being an awesome day so we went to the lake instead. The water was freezing, but it was still fun. It stormed pretty badly towards the end of the day though, but it didn’t last too long.

Yesterday we went to her barn since it was her normal lesson day, and I got to ride as well. I have ridden there once before last July. I rode an Appy named Pip, who was still a bit green. He was the complete opposite of Snowy! We worked mostly in the trot trying to get him to relax. I have never used the half halt more in one ride! At one point I came into the middle of the arena and worked him on circles. It took a while, but he finally began relaxing, giving us a nice hunter frame.

After working on the flat, the group began single fences. I popped over a cross rail first and then worked over some of the gates. Because Pip was still a bit green and still tense the trainer had me ride into the fences at a trot and then bring him back down to a trot after them. He did very good over all the fences. Then after going over single fences we did some lines. Finally we put it all together to make a course. I had a lot of fun at the lesson! I found out that I definitely need to hit gym though!! I’m out of shape. Pilates here I come!

Today we went to the Tack Room because my friend and I were both in need of half pads. I decided on the Roma Merino Sheepskin half pad because it is really nice and affordable. Sadly they didn’t have the Roma ones, so I’m going to have to order it. I ended up getting a few other things that I needed instead. Overall I had an awesome spring break and am dreading the Monday back to school!

This is a video of the course we rode. Watch it in HQ, it looks a ton better!


It’s Easy Being Green!
April 10, 2009, 5:02 am
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Last Sunday I wormed Snowy with Zimectrin Gold because she was due for wormer. Right after I wormed her she had an allergic reaction to it. Her lip got really swollen and puffy in the exact area that I wormed her at. It was so strange. My trainer called the vet, and then vet said not to use Zimectrin Gold anymore because a lot of horses at the barn have been having these same kind of reacions. I thought it was really weird because none of the other horses have ever had a problem with it, and I’m sure Snowy has used it before during the wormer rotation. I definitely won’t use that kind again though.

I just got back from a three day long trip to Seabrook Island with my school. We went to St. Christopher’s. It was like an environmental camp. We learned all about the importance of being going green. It was fun! I got to hold a snake and pet an alligator. We went seining and caught some silver fish, anchovies, and a crab. It was so freezing and the wind was blowing extremely hard, but I still got in the water. Later that day we learned about the different eco systems at St. Christopher’s. We went on a mud trail that led to a very muddy mud pit. It was so deep, thick, and muddy, but it was super fun. I got so dirty, but it was worth it. After we went into the mud pit we ran into the esturary to wash off. I had so much fun there.

But back to something more remotley about horses. I was worried about Snowy’s lip while I was on the trip, but when I went to see her she was fine. Compared to the freezing weather at St. Chistopher’s, the weather was so lovely outside I couln’t resist a ride. I didn’t jump today, but rather worked on the flat.

We warmed up longer than usual at the walk because we went directly into the canter. I was trying to switch things up to keep it interesting for Snowy. We worked on circles and the like while cantering. I asked for the counter canter, and the first time I asked she picked it up and staying on it until I asked her for the change, I was so proud. After cantering I went to the trot and worked one side and then the other. Snowy and I are also practicing our turn on the forehands and turn on the haunches. There is more then likely going to be a turn on the forehand in our equitation pattern at the 4-H State Show, so we are trying to hoan our skills at it. This year I’m going to do halter and showmanship as well as the hunter, equitation, and flat classes at the 4-H State Show.


Towards the end of the ride I did some no hands riding. Snowy is very good about turing and stopping with just my leg and seat, and she didn’t dissapoint me today. We even got a flying lead change while riding with no hands. Despite how lazy she is, she is very sensative and responsive, I ride her with mostly leg and seat anyway because she doesn’t need a constrictive hold on her reins.


After I had finished riding, my friend and I decided to ride the horses down the road to the local feed store to buy some bags of horse treats. It is just a few houses down from the barn, and they sell these big ziploc bags of horse treats for just a dollar, so I like to stock up! When we got there the lady was just closing up the shop. We’ll have to ride down there in the next few days and get some.  Here are some videos of my ride today.

Getting Warmer!
April 6, 2009, 3:41 am
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The weather today was awesome, it was so perfect to ride. Snowy was amazing. She had so much energy  and wasn’t lazy at all, which is defintely better than normal, and she is improving a lot. We just schooled some on the flat and jumped.  We got up to 3’3″ =] After we jumped my friends and I went on a trail ride to cool them off.



Here’s a video of us from today!