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The Weekend
June 9, 2009, 4:42 am
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Well this past Saturday Snowy and I showed. Earlier in the week she had gotten her feet trimmed and the farrier cut her too short! I wasn’t able to ride her that week because she was sore. Luckily she was better by Saturday and we could show. Her braids turned out really nicely too (accept for the top three ones.) The show went pretty good, although I’m pretty sure I was judged unfairly in a class or two.  In my flat class, a tossed head put me out of the ribbons when there were several horses that broke gait and they placed ahead of me. I was kind of like, umm what? I didn’t see how that made any sense. The judge told me I was in the top three in the class, but my horse tossed her head in the corner. Still didn’t understand how a break of gait could pin higher then a tossed head, Snowy packed around the arena a lot better than some of the ones that pinned. But that’s alright, you win some, you lose some. Its not about winning, its about what you learned from the whole experience!


Snowy did pretty good at the show, although she was really lazy in the morning. Towards the end of the day she had a lot more energy which confused me. I would have thought she would be more tired, she is weird sometimes =]. It was perfect weather on Saturday! It was overcast all day and it didn’t even rain, so it was the perfect temperature in June! I got new half chaps on Saturday! I’m really excited because my old ones are crap! The pair I got is a pair of Smooth leather Ovations. I got them used for $10! They are so nice and fit really well! I was kind of weary at first since my mom, a non horsey person, bought them. I didn’t know if they would be good since my previous Ovations sucked. But I decided for $1o I might as well see if they work. They ended up being perfect, I love them.

snowy 4

Then on Sunday Snowy and I schooled at home on the flat. Today I rode Snowy and she did really good. We had a nice long workout and she got hot and sweaty. I’m trying to focus more on our canter since it is a lot less organized than the trot. Today we also schooled over a 3’6″ oxer :D. The first time she did not have enough impulsion throught the line. My trainer made sure next time that I pushed her out and made her go, it made for a much better ride. I am now trying to start working on my automatic release, its about time! Its just a work in progress though because I just started practicing it.


I’m very excited about the State 4-H Show. It is in about two weeks. I really think we can qualify for reginonals, in fact I know we will! Snowy and I have improved sooo much since last year. It has been my goal this year to qualify for regionals which are going to be in Arkansas! We leave on June 22 for the State Show. I will also be doing horse judging. I was number one last year for overall placings and oral reasons, so lets hope I can hold on to that title! At state I’m going to show in Hunter Showmanship, Haler Mares, Senior Working Hunter, Senior Equitation Over Fences, Jumpers, Hunter Under Saddle, and Hunt Seat Equitation. With that said I will leave you guys with a few pictures, I probably won’t post until I get back from State 4-H Show!



Summer Time!
June 3, 2009, 1:23 am
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What have Snowy and I been up to latley you ask? We are getting ready for the State 4-H Show at the end of June!! I know this year we are going to kick some major butt!! We are even going to do jumpers for the first time!! The last several rides we’ve mainly done flat work, although we did jump some. Snowy is becoming a lot better at her counter canter which I am very proud of her for.  This Saturday we are going to show at a local show. My trainer is calling it a “dress rehearsal” so to speak, just to make sure we are fully prepared for State! I will have more pictures by the end of this week from the show. School is out! Wohoo, summer is definitely going to be busy. I will be at the barn everyday during the week, and then babysitting in the afternoons. ‘Til next time =]